Mentoring Program

3 Months.
3 Sessions.
Hand-selected pairings.

Join Openli Community's Mentoring Program and boost your personal and professional growth.

Capped at 3 sessions over 3 months, you'll be part of an international cohort of rising stars in the in-house legal & privacy space. Or join the ranks of our incredible mentors, all seasoned legal & privacy professionals ready to share their insights and experiences.

Keep scrolling for more details and to read what our previous mentors and mentees thought of the program.

Why become a mentor?

Help shape a new generation of rising legal & privacy stars while gaining invaluable insights that'll help you improve your own team, workflows and future hirings. Join our roster of seasoned legal and privacy professionals.

Benefits of being a mentor:

  • Tap into the minds of an up-and-coming generation of in-house counsels. Get first-hand insights into how they perceive things, how they think and problem solve. What topics that are top of mind for them. 
  • Through just three short sessions, you'll be inspired to see your own team, workflow and leadership style from a fresh perspective.
  • Improve your next hiring or promotion process by learning what’s important for in-house counsels at an early stage of their career.
  • And of course: help lift up and guide a fellow in-house professional in your industry.

"The mentoring program has been great! I find it much more helpful to connect with people who are in a similar role, rather than external consultants and advisors. It was also very instructive for me as a mentor. I can recommend the program to everyone!"

Joris van Hulst
Head of Legal at Sendcloud

"Participating in this mentorship program, as a mentor, gave me the opportunity to share my experience with another professional and to learn with her. One day, it will probably be me getting some advice. Belonging to such network of like-minded people is a valuable investment in our professional development"

Sofia Calado
Senior Privacy Counsel at Clouflare

"The experience of being a mentor has given me a unique opportunity to positively influence and guide my mentee. I experienced a mentee who was very interested in new perspectives and I feel that my mentee has really progressed through our conversations which have had a big impact on their work life."

Compliance Officer
Energy company

“This program has incredibly helped me get in touch with inspiring individuals and get some useful guidance to keep on my professional growth journey.”

Christian Pacheco
Legal Counsel at TravelPerk

"I've been a mentor for an amazing person and brilliant legal and technical mind, and I want to acknowledge the partnership and thank Openli for the opportunity. I see the mentorship program as a possibility to build a mutual and lasting legal legacy, give fresh perspectives to both parties on various topics, experience personal growth and experience a great partnership for the future.

The mentorship program isn't just a legal endeavour, but also a chance to experience human growth from both parties and something that should be cherished by both. Guiding legal minds isn't just a duty, it's a privilege and everyone should take the opportunity to be part of this."

Mark Nakai, Legal Counsel at Cludo
Mentor of the summer 2023 cohort

Why become a mentee?

Accelerate your in-house career with 1:1 mentoring sessions with an experienced professional from your industry. Learn from their insights and experiences. Tap into their expertise and make strides in your work and career. Curious? Read on.

"Being a mentee has given me the opportunity to discuss and dive deep into topics I love. It has strengthened my professional confidence and given me concrete insights into topics that will become relevant for me in future. I leave the experience with a sparring partner moving forward as well!"

Compliance Officer
Energy company

“This program has incredibly helped me get in touch with inspiring individuals and get some useful guidance to keep on my professional growth journey.”

Christian Pacheco
Legal Counsel at TravelPerk

“I’m glad I took part in the Openli Community Mentoring Program dedicated to in-house lawyers. A unique combination of inspiration, reflection and networking.”

Joanna Tomaszewska, Ph.D.
Legal & Privacy Counsel at a Tech Company

"I can’t recommend this experience enough! My mentor genuinely listened to my professional struggles and advised me in a friendly & informal manner. I was pleasantly surprised during our discussions – once I said to myself “I can’t believe I didn’t realise this before” and the other time: “I can’t believe you’re saying what you’re saying without working in the same organisation!” Gratitude doesn’t even begin to cover it – you’ve taken my game to a whole new level.”

Yancho Yanchev
Senior Legal Counsel at Remote

"The meetings with my mentor were not only about offering advice and sharing personal experiences, but we proposed ourselves to create a common space to exchange ideas and challenges in order to help each other out. The mentoring program helped me to face daily problems in my work with more security and confidence. Today I see my mentor not only as a guide, but as a colleague to whom I will not hesitate to turn to in case of need."

Camila Corvalan Azzato
Legal Manager at Partoo

Benefits of being a mentee:

  • Boost your personal and professional growth with three individual sessions with a hand-selected mentor.
  • Get honest, valuable feedback on career or legal/privacy matters from someone with no stake or agenda other than wanting to see you excel and thrive.
  • Tap into your mentor’s years of experience instead of trying to figure things out on your own.
  • Make a friend and powerful connection who can champion you in your career.
Ajanta Indukite

“Openli's Mentor-Mentee Program is a great way to be introduced to industry experts in the privacy field and learn from their experience. The fact that the program is short, it's easy to make sure that we have our full attention on it and make time for it.”

Ajanta Moushumi, Privacy & Security Lead at Indykite
Mentee of the summer 2023 cohort

The details


The mentoring program consists of three 45 min sessions over the course of three months.


Pre-registration is now open for the Spring 2024 cohort.


Our team matches mentors and mentees based on industry, experience and focus for the sessions as chosen by the mentee in the signup process.


Once a match has been made, you'll receive an email introducing you to your mentor or mentee & a PDF guide on how to make the most of your time together.


As with everything in the Openli Community, participating in the mentoring program is free of charge for both mentors and mentees.


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at


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