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Easy introduction to GDPR - Lesson 1

What is GDPR?

Together, let’s dive into the world of legal compliance and start exploring its essential part - GDPR. What does GDPR stand for? Who is it applicable to, and what is its purpose? Is GDPR only about users’ rights to their data? Get ready to learn about compliance with ease and get these pressing questions answered in a series of short videos.

Compliance school

What is GDPR? Video transcription

So, the first part of the compliance school is GDPR. What is GDPR? Well, GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. G D P R. It is a European legislation. That is applicable to all European companies. And it's about users' rights to their data. But it's actually also applicable to companies outside the EU; they need to be compliant with GDPR as well if they're handling data, more specifically personal data, about European citizens. What data is? What do we mean about people and their rights? Well, that's what we'll cover in the next episode.