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Easy introduction to GDPR - Lesson 2

Personal data?

Personal data has been a hot topic for the past year and is a fundamental pillar of GDPR, so let’s talk about it. Is your name, IP address, and hair color personal data? Is Personal data the same as personal identifiable information? Can companies collect your personal data? Let’s use examples from real life to figure this out, once and for all.

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What is GDPR? Video transcription

So in this episode, we'll talk about personal data. What is personal data? Well, it's a defined term under the GDPR. GDPR stands for general data protection regulation, and it's about people's rights to their data. Personal data is data, for example, of a person's like name, it's their birthday, it's their email, but it's actually also the IP address of a user.

That means that if we're talking about cookies and cookie tracking, that actually also gets covered by the GDPR because personal data is captured when you get the IP address of a user. It can actually also mean that you have some data, you don't have the specific name of the user, but by those data points, you will actually be able to figure out who that person is.

So an example; the CEO of Openli, well, that's me, it's one person. And you would be able to find out who that person is by simply having the CEO of Openli. You don't have my name; you don't have my email, but given the fact that you know that I'm the only one, well, that's personal identifiable information.

It can actually also be that you have somebody who has pink hair that is living in a city. And she's the only one with pink hair. So let's say that in Copenhagen, we would have a person with pink hair living on a specific street. Well, given the fact that there was only one person with pink hair on that street, you wouldn't know who that person is.

But if we're just talking about people with pink hair, all around Denmark, well, that's not identifiable information because that could be a lot of people. So, personal identifiable information is information that makes it possible for you, as a company, to identify a user.