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Easy introduction to GDPR - Lesson 3

What is PII data?

In this lesson we will look closer into the situations when you, as a company, gain access to PII, and it might surprise you. We will talk about when and why you possess the PII of other individuals; and what are the implications of obtaining PII.

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What is GDPR? Video transcription

So, to give you some concrete examples of when you have data about people we'll cover it in this little course, the type of situations where you'll have personal data or PII about people also known as data subjects. You'll have data about your users, the people visiting your websites, because you get their IP.

You'll have data about your employees. For example, when you're setting them up in your HR system, when you're sending out salaries or payment slips, right. Then you'll also have data about people that have purchased your products or your services. You would also have data about people who signed up to your marketing newsletters, who joined your webinars, who attended courses or other types of sessions.

And then there are all the third parties, your business partners, the people that you are in dialogues with, it could also be sales prospects. All these people are in your systems; you have data about them and therefore GDPR is valid for you.