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Easy introduction to GDPR - Lesson 6

Data processing

Data processing is a term often used in the GDPR. But what does it mean to process data? Data processing can be many things. It's a broad term covering everything from collecting the data to deleting it, which is why we decided to designate time for it in this lesson.

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What is GDPR? Video transcription

Data processing is a term often used in the GDPR. So what does it actually mean? Well, data processing is a lot of things. It is collecting information about a user. It is processing that information; more specifically that could be putting it into your system. It's using it. It's storing it. And it's sharing it with, for example, your data processor.

We covered that term a little while ago, but the data processor is the company helping you process some of your information. For example, if you're using Salesforce as your CRM system, that's the data processor. So they're processing data on your behalf, but it's also the data that you collect from the users and handle within your companies.

A processing activity is taking, for example, data from one system and putting it into another system, but it's actually also deleting data. So, if you imagine processing is the entire journey or what happens to personal data that you process about people, also known as data subjects.