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Easy introduction to GDPR - Lesson 9

Data Quality & Accuracy

Accuracy is the essence of data quality because even unintentional errors can cause great harm. In the case of personal data, the phrase quality over quantity applies; why? Find out what is good data quality and accuracy and how your business can ensure it.

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What is GDPR? Video transcription

Core principles in the GDPR also cover good data quality. The reason for it is that if data is incorrect, it's not enough; it's not good enough. Data needs to be accurate and kept up to date. This is an important principle so that the data you have is an accurate reflection of what the real data is. That means, of course, errors can happen, but you need to make sure that you update it.

Another example could be, let's say that you have an employee in your CRM system. He was your contact person for a period of time. Now he no longer worked for the company. So what you should be doing is removing that person from your CRM system because he's no longer a valid contact and replacing it with the person you are now in dialogue with. So it's not to keep both information or both contacts. It is updating the one you have with correct information, new information, or actually removing him altogether.