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Handling data the right way with Openli

As a tool solving compliance issues, it is essential for Complyon that they handle their customer's data the right way.

“Handling data the right way at Complyon is essential. We need be compliant and show our customers that we practice what we preach. I believe that in the future cookie pop-ups are going to reach this kind of trust certificate status - and if used in the right way, it will be like a stamp of approval.” Casper Rouchmann, Head of Marketing at Complyon

The importance of showing compliance

Complyon is a governance, compliance, and risk management solution that solves data mapping, reporting, and decentralised compliance. Founded by consultants specialised in GDPR and IT risk and control management across a number of sectors, the team at Complyon knows better than anyone, the importance of website and cookie compliance.

As a compliance tool, Complyon needs to show they can live up to compliance requirements to ensure trust. It is essential that they handle their customers' data the right way, so using solutions that reflect this is key. A cookie pop-up is the first thing website visitors see.

By using Openli's cookie solution and pop-up, Complyon is ensured compliance in a visible way. This promotes trust and helps them become and stay compliant.

The benefits of using Openli

One solution across multiple markets

All the consent rules around the world are mapped out in one solution.

Future-proof documentation

Show your customers they can trust how you handle their data.

Future-proof documentation

With the Audit Trail, Complyon's consents are documented safely.

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