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Contractbook: Openli helps us save time

"Openli eases our way of staying compliant by providing an easy, transparent and proactive portal which allows us to track and push our vendors for necessary security and compliance documents." Erlend Brekke, Legal Counsel at Contractbook

Data is an essential part of business

Data is an essential part of Contractbook and it’s product. Erlend Brekke, the Legal counsel at Contractbook explains that contacts themselves are data and to be able to use this data Contractobook has to ensure its protection.

Openli helps Contractbook vet vendors

Contractbook has many vendors, but its vendors also have their vendors and managing and knowing all the vendors used to take up a lot of Erlend Brekke’s time. Before using Openli he would have to use multiple spreadsheets and folders to keep track of the vendors and their security efforts. Using Openli and having everything in one place frees up Erlend’s time and allows him to focus on contracts and other task necessary for the growth of his business.

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