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More than software. How Zivver stays compliant with Openli.

With Zivver’s focus on secure communication and preventing data leaks - it is essential that they comply with all security and data protection laws.


Trusted solution

“Openli is not just a software company, they really know the compliance space. I trust their knowledge, and feel confident that they are doing their best to ensure we stay compliant, through their solution, and their customer support.” Eduardo Aizpun, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Zivver

Solving compliance for a secure solution

Zivver is a secure email and video communication platform, protecting external communication. The solution includes two-factor authentication, the ability to retract emails, help customers rectify mistakes, prevent data leaks, and minimise human error.

Zivver serves more regulated industries, which deal with sensitive data, such as the Public Sector, Finance, and Education. Because of this, they have to make sure that they adhere to the highest standards, including when it comes to data protection. and respecting their customer's privacy and data is key.

Why Zivver chose Openli

One solution across multiple markets

All the consent rules around the world are mapped out in one solution.

Easy to set-up

The cookie solution is easy to set-up and very user friendly.

Great team and support options

Helpful team, and you can trust that they know the compliance space.

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