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GDPR stands for The General Data Protection Regulation and is concerned with data privacy of consumers.

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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation are standards used to protect consumer rights, they ensure that consumers have the right to know if their data is being collected, processed and what exactly it will be used for. GDPR also focuses on giving the consumers the choice to grant consent or deny consent to companies to track their data.

Historically, GDPR, which has been adopted by the EU in 2016, took the place of the Data Protection Directive, which was adopted in 1995 - long before the internet was such a hit. The new regulations might seem harsh to companies, but to those who have followed the accusations of unethical use of data over the years, GDPR was inevitable.

What does it mean to be GDPR compliant?

Compliance with GDPR is legally required of all businesses in the European Union. This, in simple terms, means that any business within the EU has to follow and obey 11 chapters and 99 individual Acts of GDPR. These Acts include confidentiality, storage limitations, accuracy of information provided and much more.

How can you become GDPR compliant?

Before you start panicking, the journey of becoming GDPR compliant does not have to be a stressful journey full of unsureness. Starting from a compliant cookie solution and working towards having the perfect privacy policy to capture consent can easily make you GDPR compliant with just a little help. If you are curious what you can do to start your GDPR compliance journey, let us know. We would be happy to lead you in the right direction!

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