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Stine Tornmark, GC

Stine will be the one helping you out. Her background as an experienced attorney from one of Denmark's biggest law firms and SVP Legal & Compliance at Trustpilot means that she has worked with some of the largest tech brands in the world.

How will Stine be helping me?

What can you expect from the compliance check?


Step 1 - A one-hour conversation with Stine

Stine will typically spend about an hour having a conversation with you about your company, what data you collect, and how you use it.


Step 2 - Receive specific and prioritised suggestions

Next, she will make specific suggestions for you to consider implementing to increase your company's compliance level. It's totally free and comes with no strings attached.

What companies say about our free compliance check

"We got a compliance check, as we were just about to launch Nøie and it added a lot of value for us. We came away with suggestions for improvements, and after taking action on those suggestions we now feel comfortable knowing that all areas in regards to compliance are overseen and looked after."

Chris Christiansen Co-founder at Nøie


"We are building a platform where compliance around personal data is crucial. I am lucky enough to have in my network one of the best in the business: Stine! One hour together in our office was enough to start looking at the problem from a different angle and coming up with solutions for current and future processes around our data.
Platypus is very much looking forward to continue that relationship and feels safer in our compliance set-up."

Nicolas Blier-Silvestri Co-founder at Platypus


"Monthio is working within the space of fintech that requires the highest standards with regard to compliance. We got exceptional good and relevant advice in all matters of our current and planned future activities both towards customers and our existing business clients. We very much appreciate working with such a skilled and competent partner, who can guide us safely through a highly complex legal and regulated landscape on our exciting journey."

Mads Aarup Pedersen CEO and Co-Founder


Why your compliance is important for investors

"PreSeed Ventures is Denmark’s largest and most successful early stage tech investor. When we invest in early startups, one of the things we look for is whether these young companies consider compliance and privacy in the foundation of their company, their products and the way they operate. And when we make due-diligence checks, this is one of the aspects we consider as part of the investment decision."


Why is website compliance important?


Your company may be fined by authorities such as the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK or the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) in the US if you don't have your website compliance in order.


Damage to your reputation can be done in the event of press releases, complaints, fines. Reputational damage can harm client and investor trust, erode your customer base, and hinder sales.

Valuation decrease

VCs are often requiring that the companies they invest in are compliant. Otherwise, there is a risk that you won't get the valuation that you're hoping for – or worse, that you'll get no funding at all.

Deletion of your database

If you don't have permission to process the data and/or send out marketing messages to customers and potential leads, you might be required to delete this data.