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Try out Privacy Hub Free. Add one of your vendors to the Hub, and we'll get you their GDPR, privacy, and security information.

When you sign up, you'll get an invite to your Openli account. Add a vendor of your choosing, and we'll do the outreach for you.

Follow the progress in your account. We'll ping you as the information comes in.

Privacy hub

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Getting the privacy information from your vendors has never been easier.
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Choose a vendor of yours

To get the GDPR information of a vendor of yours, start by selecting which one in the sign-up form. Our privacy experts will then reach out to you to verify the vendor and service, before initiating the collection process.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature


Let privacy come to you

Openli’s Privacy Hub runs automatically and you will automatically be updated when new privacy and security information is available on your account, such as:

- Data Processing Agreement
- Locations of processing
- SCCs, TIA, SOC2 and much more.



Review and risk assess your vendor

As the information comes in, you can review, score and build out your vendor profile and refine it with risk analysis, internal stakeholder information and information about your own privacy and security practices.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature


Privacy is strategy

When we have completed the information collection process, Openli’s privacy experts will be available to discuss the collected information, and how the Privacy Hub may help your business.


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