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Stay compliant and show that you care with our privacy policy and badge

Get a GDPR compliant privacy policy that fits your brand and automatically updates if the law changes and promotes your privacy efforts with our privacy badge to show your customers that you care.

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Create a privacy policy that fits your business

Get more than just a privacy policy template. Create a privacy policy with Openli that considers your needs, your brand, and your customers.

Easily generate a privacy policy
More than a template - get a privacy policy that fits your business.
GDPR compliant
The privacy policy is GDPR compliant and helps you stay that way.
Auto updated privacy policy
Our attorney-level privacy policy is auto-updated if the law changes.

Privacy policy generator

Get a privacy policy that reflects your company and is compliant with GDPR in a few easy steps with the help of our privacy policy generator.

  • A privacy policy that fits your business

    Stay compliant with a design that fits your brand.

  • Attorney-level and GDPR compliant

    Have a privacy policy that auto-updates if the law changes with an attorney-level privacy policy.

  • Stay compliant

    Fulfill legal requirements and stay GDPR compliant.

Privacy badge

Promote your privacy policy and privacy efforts with the privacy badge to build trust towards your customers and let your customers know how much you care.

  • Show that you care

    Show your customers that you care about their privacy and protect their data.

  • Build trust

    Show customers you provide the right information, be transparent and build trust.

  • Embed anywhere on your site

    Give people the ability to read your privacy policy without leaving the page that they are on.

  • Your privacy policy as a pop-up

    Display your privacy in a nicely designed widget to build trust.

How we ensure that you stay compliant

Openli's compliance solutions are built and kept up to date in partnership with leading law firms around the world.