Most common flaws and issues we see when vetting data processors

Webinar by Openli

Most common flaws and issues we see when vetting data processors

Date: 16th of December 2021, 9:30 CET

We have reviewed more than 1500 data processors and sub processors’ GDPR efforts and documentation. So we know a little bit about it :)

We want to share some of our findings with you, i.e. the most common flaws and issues we come across dealing with vendors’ GDPR compliance.

Join the free webinar and learn directly from the experts - our Privacy Success Team - about what you should be looking for when vetting your tools, systems & vendors’ GDPR compliance .

The webinar will be held on December 16th, 2021 at 9:30 CET and takes 30 min. It will be in English.

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  • Who are your vendors
  • Often we see that our customers do not have the complete overview of which vendors and services they use. It is always a great starting point to go through the vendors you are actually using.

  • Get a DPA in place (try to get one signed)
  • Most vendors are not aware that you should always have a Data Processing Agreement in place when you are sharing personal data with your vendors.

  • Get an overview on what data is send to your vendor
  • You should have an overview of what data you are sharing with your vendors, this makes it easier for you to make sure that the services that you are using have sufficient security in place.

  • Get to know where your data is stored
  • It is important to know the location of the vendors that you are using, are any of them based outside the EU?

  • Transferring data outside of Europe
  • If data is transferred outside of the EU, there must be a legal basis for the transfer. The legal basis is often Standard Contract Clauses approved by the European Commission (SCC).

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Webinar speakers


Stine Mangor Tornmark

CEO, Openli

Lawyer specialised in privacy and marketing law, with six years experience from Plesner and six years as VP for Legal and Compliance at Trustpilot.