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Scaling international legal teams and introducing legal operations

September 21, 2022, 04:00 - 05:30 PM Europe/Copenhagen

Learn from others (panel discussions) - a hybrid event (in Copenhagen & virtual):

Talk with Laura Jeffords Greenberg, Director of Legal at Unity, Stine Mangor Tornmark, CEO of Openli & Daniel Herman Røjtburg, Group Director, Associate General Counsel, Advokat, Global Legal & Compliance

So if you are interested in answers to these questions, sign up:

  • How do you scale your legal teams across countries?
  • What are different factors to consider?
  • How do you ensure alignment across the legal team?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges?
  • And what are legal operations and can that help with scaling legal teams?

About Laura:

"I believe in creative problem-solving, simplicity, and making data-backed decisions. The legal department should be a center of innovation - leading the company in reducing risk while adding strategic value. As Unity's first legal counsel in EMEA, I've established and tripled the size of the legal team in Europe and the UK. I assist on various corporate, employment, regulatory compliance, and stock administration matters in the region. In addition, I oversee the Legal Operations function for a team of 50+ lawyers. We focus on streamlining and automating operations to enable our legal team to focus on high-risk, high-impact projects."

About Daniel:

"I am a commercial and result orientated general counsel with a big enthusiasm and have since August 2014 been working in PANDORA. I am heading the legal departments in Asia and Australia. I am also acting as general counsel for Pandora's manufacturing facilities in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand. I am also accountable for delivering sound legal advice and guidance to business owners and senior management regarding IT and commercial contracts, commercial disputes, litigation and the legislative and regulatory environment of importance to Pandora's global activities. I play a key role in directing consistent application of contract management controls as well as improved legislative and regulatory compliance."

About Stine:

"I’m co-founder and CEO at Openli, a tech B2B SaaS company focusing on helping companies get better control of GDPR. At Openli, I combine my legal and privacy knowledge with a passion for building software, helping companies make privacy transparent and thereby give people their privacy rights. I have 10+ years of experience as a lawyer from Plesner law firm and Trustpilot. At Trustpilot, I built up Trustpilot’s Legal and Compliance teams and processes from when the company had one office with 70 employees to 850 employees across the globe."

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