Company news - role changes, location, new hires

Camilla Lassen
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Camilla Lassen
October 1, 2020
Openli founder team

New office, new people, & new CEO.

September was a busy month for us here at Openli. We launched 5 new big features and hit a 25 million consent milestone.

The increased activity was also reflected in the need for more hands and space, and we were excited to move to a new and bigger location at Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. We have since filled our vacant position and this week welcome three new hires to the office: Andrii our new Traffic Manager, Ryan our new client retention specialist, and Jacob as our latest developer.

And October is starting off just with equally exciting news about the founder team. Stine will take on the role as Openli’s new CEO, Niklas as the company's product & technology officer, and Søren in charge of our growth efforts. The purpose of the change is to align our founder team’s titles more closely with what we have been running the business together.

We are on a growth journey and these changes reflect our vision: helping companies to become compliant - across countries - with technology and a design that looks good, and converts.

All the best,

Stine, Niklas, and Søren The Founder team at Openli