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Let's manage your data processors

Get back in control of your vendors to get the overview you need, mitigate risk, and to keep costs under control.

Privacy hub
Privacy hub
Privacy hub
Privacy hub

One-stop vendor management

Staying on top of your data processors and their compliance level is both monotonous and resource-heavy work. So let us do it for you.


Search and create

Add your vendors

We have more than +125,000 identified data processors on the platform.

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    Search and select existing vendor profiles used by others
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    Add new vendors for us to create and collect information from
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    Personalize each vendor to your business.
Vendor management
Vendor Profile


Get the full overview of each vendor

When you've selected the vendors your company is using, we immediately and automatically being collecting the information directly from each vendor. We will automatically notify about the progress and profile population of each profile, so you always are up to date on each vendor.

Each of your vendors will automatically get their own privacy profile on your account. The full overview per vendor gives a fast and transparent view of your vendor's privacy efforts including the relevant business information you need.



Review, score and build out your vendor management

With the information provided by Openli you can refine it with:

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    Your own risk analysis
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    Internal stakeholder information
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    Information about your own privacy and security practices.
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Assigning tasks


Assign owners in the business

As we build your list of vendor profiles, you can assign internal owners in your organisation. No more uncertainty across departments on responsibilities. Manage who’s owning the vendors and create internal vendor management structure.

Each owner can easily filter own vendors and the state of their privacy efforts with built-in filtering options. No more keeping track of responsibilities in a complex spreadsheet.


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Vetting your data processors can be a mountain to climb. Let us do the climbing.
We gather all the required GDPR information, so you can stay focused.

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Record of Processing Activities

Get your Article 30
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Powered by the vendor information available on our platform, you'll automatically get your RoPA updated with all the relevant information. You just export and share it.

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