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Cookie compliance

Terms related to cookie consent, cookie Pop-up, Cookie Policy

Audit trail

A series of electronic files or paper that show a chronological record or set of records

Auto blocking

The term auto-blocking refers to the action of blocking cookies automatically.


A cookie is a file that is placed on a person’s computer or other IT equipment.

Cookie banner

A cookie banner is a widget on a website that informs users of how cookies are used and asks the visitors if they can accept usage of cookies.

Cookie checker

A cookie checker is a tool used to scan websites and identify cookies in use.

Cookie policy

A document where a company gives their users information about cookies.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are small text files created to track user’s movements and interactions on a web browser.

Website tracking

Website tracking refers to the monitoring of users’ actions on a website.

Wordpress cookie plugin

WordPress cookie plugin is software integration that can be added to your WordPress webpage and manage your cookie settings.

Website compliance

Terms related to website compliance, Privacy policy, Terms of service, Email marketing

Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a document that discloses all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data.

Privacy banner

A widget on a website that informs users of their privacy choices.

Email marketing consent

Permission from a subscriber to send marketing email campaigns.

Email marketing consent form

Form that gathers email marketing consent.

Privacy center & GDPR

GDPR related terms


The California Consumer Privacy Act. It describes privacy rights and consumer protection for Californian residents.

Data controller

The company that stores, collects and/or processes data about people and who determines the purposes of the data processing.

Data processor

The data processor processes personal data on behalf of a data controller.

Data subject

A data subject is a person who can be identified, either directly e.g. name, email, address, or indirectly e.g. by reference to an identifier, ID number, etc.


In the EU, a directive is a minimums law that must be incorporated into national law by every EU country individually.


Data Protection Officer is a designated employee, who is in charge of collecting and processing information about data subjects according to privacy laws and regulations.

EU privacy laws

EU Privacy Laws are a set of legally binding rules set by the European Union.

Explicit consent

Explicit consent is a consent that must be a specific, informed and unambiguous expression of the person’s wishes and affirmed in a clear statement.


It means that a person needs to opt in, i.e. actively say yes to receive email marketing, e.g. by ticking off the consent box.


It means a company gives people the ability to choose not to receive email marketing.


In the EU, a regulation is a law that becomes legally binding throughout the date that it comes into effect.

Right to Data Portability

It's a right for people to get their personal data from e.g. a social media platform and upload it on another platform.

Right to be forgotten

It gives people a right to be forgotten, i.e. have their personal data erased.

Right to information

It gives people a right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data.

Privacy Hub

Terms related to our Vendor Management Hub


A vendor, also known as a processor or sub-processor, is a business entity that offers a service.

Vendor Management Hub

Vendor Management Hub is an all-in-one platform where companies can find information about vendors and their vendors’ GDPR efforts.

Data processing agreement

A data processing agreement, or a so-called DPA, is a legal contract between a company and its vendors in regard to processing and transferring of personal data.

Article 30

Records of processing activities in accordance with the GDPR.