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Leave the nuts and bolts of your privacy program to us. By automating your vendor management, you save both time and resources in your day-to-day operation.

We help boost your...

Privacy hub feature

... legal team

Increase privacy compliance, save resources, and mitigate risks

Status feature

... legal operations

A single destination with updated GDPR info on your vendors

Processing activities feature

... privacy & security

A digestible overview with risk analysis, but you stay in control.

Privacy hub feature

... startup's privacy

Less manual work = you can stay focused on growing your business.


We manage all your data processors so you
can manage your
own time

Vendors in privacy hub
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"Openli streamlines the task of reliably collecting, organising, reviewing, and storing the right documentation per vendor. Without the Openli solution we'd be exposed to a significant drain on our team's resources."

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Michael Bookser, Director of Legal

Features that
make your day work

The privacy hub

Vendor Management

Get in control of your vendors, mitigate risk and keep costs under control.

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    Full overview of each vendor
  • check
    Review, score and build out your vendor management
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    Assign owners in the business
Data processor vetting

Data processor vetting

We automate the process of collecting information from data processors. So you don't have to.

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    Automated vendor outreach by Openli
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    Collect GDPR required information
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    Accurate and actionable data for your business
Article 30 RoPa GDPR

Record of Processing Activities

Automate your GDPR Article 30 (RoPA) with Openli's platform.

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    Automatically populated Article 30
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    RoPA Export with one click
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    Share your privacy efforts

Easy to implement

No technical implementation, no project management. Just more time for you.

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    Quick and easy setup
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    Click your vendors and we're off
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    Real-time updates in your inbox

Pretty simple, right? That's what our customers think

4.8 stars on Capterra
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How to get your privacy program off the ground

We collect, arrange, and maintain all your vendors' privacy information through these five short steps.

You add your

We contact your vendors

We build your vendor profiles

You review your vendor profiles

All done. And we keep things up to date.

You add your vendors

Simply add your existing data processors in The Privacy Hub.
You can add at will, and we'll also spot new vendors for you.

Manage your vendors
Privacy hub contact

We contact your vendors

Our Privacy Success Team will reach out to your data processors and collect all available information by the book.

You can always follow the progress in your account.

We build your Data Processor Profiles

We collect and deliver all relevant information to create a comprehensive profile for each of your vendors.

Manage your vendors

You review the profiles

When Openli has finished building your Data Processor Profiles, they're made ready for your review.

You can add vendor-specific information, notes, and documents whenever you want to.

That's it

We review your vendors on a regular basis to help keep the information up to date. We'll ping you if anything needs your attention.

Data processors

Build trust & close deals faster

Use the privacy information collected about your vendors to build your own Privacy Profile and keep your GDPR documents up to date. Share it with prospects, customers and investors to build trust and close deals faster.

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