Data processor vetting

Outreach and
vetting is on us

Openli Privacy Hub automates the process of collecting privacy-relevant information from your data processors. Meaning you don't have to.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature

Goodbye, endless back and forths

Reaching out to data processors is tedious and time-consuming.
Unless you vet your vendors through our Privacy Hub.



Data processors touchpoint volume is sky-rocketing

For each vendor there's an average of 8 human touchpoints to complete the information collection process. With enterprise companies using more than 300 vendors in average, the task and resources required are driving massive costs.

Total vendors
Touchpoints per Vendor
Tools Added Per Month
Privacy hub feature


Together, we are many

Instead of every single company reaching out to all vendors and service providers across the world, we do it for everyone. Openli's platform is built to end the endless 1:1 communication between vendors and users. For you, for vendors and for everyone.



Mountains to climb

Companies are sitting on tons of data. Keeping track of all of it, and how and where it is being used, is an important task. With your own privacy profile, we collects, store and maintain the right data for easy access, overview and evaluation for your business.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature


Accurate and actionable data

Data is only valuable if it is structured, interpreted and presented the right way. Our platform and in-house Privacy Success experts with legal backgrounds, drives and maintain the data on your behalf for easy use and actionable insights for your business.


Got any questions? Let's have a chat.

If you're using internal or external ressources today to vet your vendors, there's probably money to save.
If you're just getting started with your privacy program, let's help you on your way.

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Article 30 GDPR
Record of Processing Activities

Get your Art. 30 in

Powered by the vendor information available on Openli's platform, you can automatically get your record of processing activities populated, extracted and shared.

Pretty simple, right? That's what our customers think

4.8 stars on Capterra
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