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With Openli's Privacy Hub you get the vendor information without manual work. We supply the information for easy overview and risk analysis without losing control.

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Used by hundreds of DPOs and Privacy Counsels in companies like:

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Privacy compliance

Bring privacy to the front of the business

No more manual vendor vetting. Get the insights and data you need to retain hands-on control and get peace of mind. With Openli's automated vetting, you get the data you need with minimum effort.

Vendor vetting
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Save time and resources

Reduce workload

We automate the repetitive part of the vendor vetting process, so you can focus on assessing and controlling. No more manual outreach to vendors.

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"It's all there in Openli, gathered in one place so I don't have to spend time searching for the information"

We spoke with Mads Larsen, Planday's Director of Privacy and Info Sec, about the work involved with managing a global platform from a small legal team's perspective.

Mads Larsen

Mads Larsen
Director of Privacy and Information Security

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Dashboards and reporting

With the information we collect, you can easy and real-time insights into your vendors. We notify you for every vendor update and summarizes in and easy-to-use dashboard and report.

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"Openli streamlines the task of reliably collecting, organising, reviewing, and storing the right documentation per vendor. Without the Openli solution we'd be exposed to a significant drain on our team's resources."

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Michael Bookser, Director of Legal

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Full customization

One platform, full overview

Get a single source of truth. No automation, full customization to support your needs.

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