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Privacy Hub success stories

Learn more about how other companies have benefited from using Openli's Privacy Hub.


Too Good To Go

Kasper Heine, General Counsel

"The Privacy Hub is extremely easy to use, and it is comforting to have an easy and user-friendly access to updated information about our vendors' GDPR efforts."



Erlend Brekke, Legal Counsel

"Openli eases our way of staying compliant by providing an easy, transparent and proactive portal which allows us to track and push our vendors for necessary security and compliance documents."



Debbie Lee-Sørensen, Project Manager, Operations

"We are impressed by the extent of information in Openli's Vendor Portal. It is reassuring to have a complete overview of our vendors and their GDPR compliance efforts all in one place."



Edwin Holst, Vice President of Operations

"It can be a difficult and time-consuming task for a young company to continuously control and review the many vendors. With their vendor portal, Openli, has given us a chance to focus on what really matters for our growing business. We can rest easily knowing that they have everything under control and that we are always adhering to the applicable regulations."



Daniel Bowen, Co-Founder and COO

"We are an HR SaaS tech company and GDPR comes up in a lot of sales conversations. After starting using Openli, we’ve experienced that our sales cycle has shortened significantly as we can easily and confidently show how we’re handling GDPR, incl. the processors we use."