Record of Processing Activities

One-click Article 30 Generation

Generate your Article 30 in mere minutes. Openli Privacy Hub collects all your vendor's information to update your RoPA. You just download, customize, and share it. It's easy.

Record of processing activities

GDPR Article 30 (RoPA)

Generate your Record of Processing Activities in no time and with minimal work.



Unlock the value of your vendor library

Openli Privacy Hub automatically pulls all the needed information from your vendor library into your RoPA. When your vendors are managed through us, all relevant data is already collected, stored, and organized by the book.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature


We keep your Article 30 up to date

Your Record of Processing Activities is automatically prepopulated in your account by us. You can add additional descriptions to each department, if you want to, before exporting the register.



Download your RoPA
just like that

It's never been faster to generate your Article 30.
We present you with a clear and comprehensive depiction of your record's contents - ready at your convenience.

Privacy hub feature
Privacy hub feature


Share your commitment

Once you’ve exported your report, you can further customize the register as you see fit. Then share it with internal or external stakeholders. And that’s it.


Need help creating your RoPA?

Manually creating and maintaining your Article 30 can be time-consuming and expensive.
 Let us do it for you.

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Vendor vetting
Vetting of data processors

Hands-free vetting of data processors

Openli's platform automates the process of collecting GDPR required information from data processors. So you don't have to.

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