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Openli vs Contract management systems

Are you looking to introduce a tool to increase productivity in your legal team and support your contract handling? Compare Openli to contract management systems and learn how they can work together to close deals faster.

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Contract management system

What are contract management systems?

A contract management system is a software application that helps organisations manage and track the creation, execution, and analysis of contracts, and can include features such as document generation and electronic.

How does Openli differ from contract systems?

Openli automates the vendor vetting process for organisations so they can mange their vendors and showcase their privacy efforts. The data collected are most often used within commercial and supplier contracts.

Compare purposes and use cases

Openli and contract management systems differ in some aspects. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

Openli's Privacy Hub
Contract Management Systems
What is the purpose of the tool?
To become privacy compliant.
To create, manage and organise contracts.
Who is the tool for?
Companies operating with data and using data processors.
Businesses engaged in contract-based business relationships.
Who are the users?
In-house legal teams working with privacy.
Sales, operations and legal teams.
What is the price?
Starts at €479 including platform access and vetting of 20 vendors.
The price can vary widely from free to thousands of euros.
Is it easy to implement?
There are no technical requirements to implement Openli. It's click and go.
Some contract management systems are designed to be easy to implement.


Legal hours
saved annually

28k €

Annual cost


Annual ROI from
purchase of Privacy hub

How we work together

Integrating Openli with your a contract management system is surprisingly easy and offers you well-rounded privacy protection.

With your shareable Privacy Profile you can generate documentation for your RFP processes and sales contracts in seconds. With a click of button your sales team can showcase your organisations privacy efforts towards customers to close deals faster.

For further productivity gains, you can connect your current contract management tool with Openli API's to automatically pull data into your sales contracts.

Contract management system
Privacy Profile Preview
Vetting of data processors

Hands-free vetting of data processors

Openli's platform automates the process of collecting GDPR required information from data processors. So you don't have to.

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