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Meet some of the inspiring leaders in the legal community around the world. GCs & CLOs at some of the most exciting EU tech companies will share their experiences with our community. You’ll learn from them, your peers and they’ll share knowledge of how to build your legal career and teams.


Join us for a masterclass where Jesper Nielsen, lawyer & appointee to the European Data Protection Board Support Pool of Experts, gives us an overview and insight into the increasing regulation in the digital world.


In this masterclass, Victoria Swedjemark is going to spill the tea on most progressive GCs today. What are they up to? How are they working? What are they thinking? And can you keep up…?


In this masterclass, Stine Schulz, founder and CEO of Learningbank, will give you the best strategies on how to plan and execute engaging, high level trainings in your organization.

Podcast: Inspiring Legal

Join host Stine Mangor Tornmark as she journeys through the in-house legal landscape of today. With influential GCs, top C-level executives and other fascinating guests. Inspiring Legal is your weekly dose of everything legal, career and life-lessons.

Episode 6: Rob Chesnut on integrity and the ethical revolution

Why are ethics important for a company? And how do you start working with ethics? Following up on our Special Episode Twitter chat, ex-Airbnb GC and best-selling author Rob Chesnut is back in the studio to spoil us with his insights. This time, we're talking about how companies can benefit from prioritising ethics, and Rob shares his own experience from some of the big companies he's worked at.

Episode 5: Trust & integrity

How do you start working with ethics? And to what end? Last week, Stine was joined for a special episode by best-selling author and ex- Airbnb GC Rob Chesnut. It went so well that we scheduled another interview with Rob, where we'll be talking about - you guessed it - trust and integrity. That's next week. Leading up to this, Stine today talks about her own experience with trust and safety. Thanks for listening!

Special episode: Let's talk about Twitter - with Rob Chesnut, former GC of Airbnb

Rob Chesnut, ex-GC and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb, gives his take on the current situation at Twitter in this one-on-one with Stine Tornmark.

"It is very beneficial to hear about the challenges other in-house lawyers have, as well as the considerations that are made in connection with the solution of these challenges. It is particularly interesting to hear how people prioritize different projects (vendor management, customer contracts, privacy/security operations, corporate governance, etc). I'm really interested in the exchange of knowledge about "hacks", systems and processes."

Søren Dam Hansen
Head of Legal & Compliance