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Are you looking to introduce a tool to manage compliance, mitigate risks and enhance your efficiency? Compare Openli to GRC platforms and learn how they can work together to close deals faster.

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GRC platforms

What is a GRC platform?

A GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) platform is a software system that helps organisations manage and monitor their governance, risk and compliance activities. It is a set of tools and processes that an organisation can use to ensure it is following laws and regulations and minimising risks.

How does Openli differ from GRC platforms?

While GRC platforms are designed to help organisations in a very wide compliance perspective, Openli focuses on the vendor management part of privacy compliance. Openli automatically collects the data on behalf of organisations and can create the RoPA (Record of Processing Activities) in minutes.

Compare purposes and use cases

Openli and contract management systems differ in some aspects. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

Openli's Privacy Hub
GRC Platforms
What is the purpose of the tool?
To become privacy compliant.
To manage legal and regulatory compliance requirements.
Who is the tool for?
Companies operating with data and using data processors.
Companies and organisations operating in regulated industries.
Who are the users?
In-house legal teams working with privacy.
Compliance, risk, legal and IT teams.
What is the price?
Starts at €479 including platform access and vetting of 20 vendors.
Some can be quite expensive, with costs running into the hundreds of thousands.
Is it easy to implement?
There are no technical requirements to implement Openli. It's click and go.
It can be quite complex and time-consuming, especially for larger organisations.


Legal hours
saved annually

28k €

Annual cost


Annual ROI from
purchase of Privacy hub

How we work together

To get the full value of a complex GRC platform, you need to vet your vendors yourself or use an external service provider. Openli automates this process to generate the data for a GRC platform. Many GRC platforms offer a vendor management module, but you still need to input the data yourself, which drives the value of the module down.

With Openli’s Privacy Hub you can avoid keeping track of vendors in a spreadsheet and put your privacy program on autopilot. You can also connect your GRC platform with Openli API’s to streamline your workflows even more.

GRC platforms
Privacy Profile Preview
Vetting of data processors

Hands-free vetting of data processors

Openli's platform automates the process of collecting GDPR required information from data processors. So you don't have to.

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