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Openli vs External DPO services

Are you looking to introduce a tool to manage compliance with GDPR, data protection laws and regulations? Compare Openli to GRC platforms and learn how they can work together to close deals faster.

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External DPO services

What are external DPO services?

External DPO services are a service provided by a company or individual that is not part of your organisation, but is hired to act as your DPO. The external DPO will be responsible for monitoring your organisation's compliance with data protection laws and regulations, such as GDPR, and provide guidance and advice on data protection matters.

How does Openli differ from external DPO services?

While external DPO services can be a variety of services, Openli focuses on collecting, storing and maintaining the GDPR required information of the services and tools an organisation uses. This may be a single service of an external DPO service supplier, which would then be handled manually and invoiced by the hour.

Compare purposes and use cases

Openli and contract management systems differ in some aspects. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

Openli's Privacy Hub
External DPO services
What is the purpose of the tool?
To become privacy compliant.
To comply with data protection laws and regulations.
Who is the tool for?
Companies operating with data and using data processors.
Companies and organisations in regulated industries.
Who are the users?
In-house legal teams working with privacy.
Data protection offices, HR and legal and compliance teams.
What is the price?
Starts at €479 including platform access and vetting of 20 vendors.
It can be provided on a retainer basis by the hour or project.
Is it easy to implement?
There are no technical requirements to implement Openli. It's click and go.
Some providers may offer a simple, turn-key solution that can be quickly set up.


Legal hours
saved annually

28k €

Annual cost


Annual ROI from
purchase of Privacy hub

How we work together

When organisations works with both external DPO services and us, we take away the heavy costs of vetting vendors and collecting the privacy information such as:

  • Data Protection Agreements
  • Locations of Processing
  • Standard Contractual Clauses
  • Transfer Impact Assessments

With the collected information at hand, the external DPO service provider typically supports the organisation in assessing the vendors and a risk and audit perspective.

As the vendor vetting is very time consuming and a massive cost driver when using external consultancy, the return of investment is secured by using Openli for this part of an organization's privacy program.

External DPO services
Privacy Profile Preview
Vetting of data processors

Hands-free vetting of data processors

Openli's platform automates the process of collecting GDPR required information from data processors. So you don't have to.

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