Introducing our Premium Community Membership plan

Openli community

For community members who want more.

More courses.
More sparring.
More conferences.
More value.

The community is now two years old and with nearly 2000 members, we want to raise the bar and create more value for you. That's why we've created the Premium Membership plan.

With a Premium Membership you get:
• Courses with certificates
• 1:1 Privacy Coaching
• IAPP / lawyer continued education credits
• Discounts and first seating at Openli summits and conferences

... plus everything you know and love from the Free Membership (Masterclasses, Slack group, the Member Portal, templates, etc.)

What’s included in Premium?

Courses with certificates

Join exclusive training courses on GDPR (Foundational and Advances), Tech (AI, Cookies & Online Tracking) and more.

Upgrade your knowledge with courses and trainings taught by leading legal and privacy experts.

vendor vetting

1:1 Privacy Coaching

A 60 min coaching session with an experienced in-house professional

This is a unique opportunity to get bespoke (and confidential) sparring on how to improve or scale your privacy efforts, get management buy-in or improve stakeholder management, what to do the first 90 days as a new DPO, etc.  

IAPP and lawyer continued education credits

Claim your IAPP CLE credits and lawyer/bar association points

With Premium, you’ll be able to claim IAPP points for accredited courses related to privacy / GDPR. The Danish Bar and Law Society require lawyers in Denmark to continuously educate themselves and obtain credits. Many of the Premium courses will count towards the required credits in Denmark (and possibly in your country as well). Regardless, you’ll receive a certificate after each completed course that you have attended on Premium.

vendor vetting
vendor vetting

Discount and first seating at Openli Community conferences

Get first seating and enjoy a minimum of 20% discount on Openli Community summits and conferences

For instance at our AI League of Legends conference in Q4 (more details coming soon).

Pricing for Premium Memberships

This is a special price for the first 100 members who upgrade to Premium.
Memberships are billed annually and the prices below are ex VAT.

1 subscription at €299/year
5-9 team members at €249/year per person
10+ team members at €229/year per person

Sign up now to claim the special launch price for the first 100 members.
Any questions, please scroll to see the FAQs below.


Question 1
Is the Premium Membership personal or for my company?
The Premium Membership is yours and therefore personal. So you can’t transfer or split it with colleagues. But your company can buy a team license and thereby give you and others in your team a membership.
Question 2
How can I sign up for the Premium Membership?
ou can sign up for Premium Membership via the Openli website. Alternatively you can email us at and we’ll be happy to assist.
Question 3
What’s the price for Premium Membership?
On our website, you can see the price for Premium Membership.
Question 4
What happens once I’ve signed up for Premium Membership?
Once you have signed up for Premium, you’ll receive a welcome email from our community team. If you sign up during the weekend or evenings, you’ll hear from us when we’re back in the office again. You’ll then also receive an invoice for the Premium Membership.  You’ll then receive regular emails from us about the different Premium Membership offerings.
Question 5
What’s a team license?
If several people on your team would like a Premium Membership, you can buy a team license with several Membership included. Your company can list the amount of licenses needed when signing up.
Question 6
For how long is my Premium Membership valid?
Your Premium Membership runs for 12 months starting on the day you sign up. After these 12 months, your Premium Membership will automatically be renewed for another 12 months. If you dont want your Membership renewed just write to us 1 day before the renewal period and let us know. You can send an email to
Question 7
How can I cancel my subscription?
ou simply write to and let us know that you don’t want your Membership renewed. Please note that if you cancel during your Membership period, you won’t receive a refund for the remaining period of your subscription.
Question 8
How many courses are included?
With a Premium Membership, you can attend as many of our courses as you’d like.
Question 9
What happens if I change jobs?
First of all, email us at and let us know. But you get to keep your Premium Membership. Because the membership is personal, paid up front for a year, you keep your membership even if you change jobs. You may have to think of payment options for the upcoming membership renewal with your new company though. But email us and we can also inform you of the renewal date.