Get in touch with your dedicated Privacy manager

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October 13, 2023

The Dashboard

Directly from the Dashboard, you can now get in contact with your dedicated Privacy manager and get support & help from the Privacy team. Just click on “Contact your privacy manager” and book the time that suits you.

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In the Dashboard, you’ll also see all your vendors by countries, which will give additional insights into your data mapping and privacy priorities. Here’s how it looks like:

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Privacy profiles

You can also access your Privacy profiles from the Dashboard. That’s right - plural :) You can now have multiple Privacy profiles to reflect your organisational structure or different services, products, subscription plans, ect.

This feature will help you customise your privacy information on Openli even more.

Your Privacy profile contains information about your organisation’s privacy and security efforts. It can help build trust, close deals faster and answer GDPR & security questions in minutes. Once the profile is set up, you’ll be able to export & share it with customers, prospects, partners etc by the click of a button.

Don’t have a Privacy profile yet? Just go to “My Privacy Profiles”, click on “Create privacy profile” and start setting it up. Your Privacy manager will help you through this process.