How to create a compliant email sign-up form that converts

Stine Mangor Tornmark
Written by
Stine Mangor Tornmark
October 13, 2019

The purpose of the email sign-up forms on your website is to get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters so you can nurture them and get them to convert.

To create a form that converts – and complies with GDPR and marketing laws – it needs the following components:

  1. an exciting headline that clearly describes the benefits of signing up
  2. an understandable, clear and concise description
  3. a few simple fields for the user to complete
  4. compelling visuals
  5. an attractive call-to-action button
  6. consent text, which in simple terms describes what you will be emailing about, which channel you will be using and who will be sending the emails
  7. use the consent method that is required in the user’s country
  8. a link to your privacy policy

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How do I start collecting the right consent?

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