How to get the most of your Privacy Hub

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June 30, 2023

A few customers have written to me and asked for a summary of the different features in the platform. I thought it might be relevant to you, so I just wanted to share it.

  • Customize as much as you want. You can organise and personalise your Privacy Hub through by adding, editing and deleting properties. You can customize both: your RoPA and your vendor list. More details here.
  • Manage ownership. You can assign internal owners in your organisation to help manage who’s owning the vendors and create your internal vendor management structure. Each owner can easily filter their own vendors, so you don’t need to keep track of responsibilities in a complex spreadsheet.
  • Showcase your own GDPR & security efforts. You can easily do it by creating and downloading your Privacy profile. You can then share it with prospective customers, investors, partners, auditors etc. If you don’t have your Privacy profile yet - just reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.
  • Filter, export, share. This is such a simple feature, but so impactful!  

You can export all your vendors or only those you've selected by applying filters. You can also export (and share!) a specific vendor’s profile. It’s super helpful if you’re working on a risk assessment or a transfer impact assessment - you have all the information you need to assess in a single document.

  • Get your Art 30 records ready. This is probably one of the most time consuming obligations under the GDPR and we have automated this process for you. You just download, customize, and share it. That’s it!