Introducing the RoPA 2.0

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November 2, 2023

Your RoPA (“Record of Processing Activities”) is getting a face-lift :)

RoPA 2.0

Early this year, we introduced the RoPA functionality, which helps you generate your Article 30 overview in minutes.

Now, we’re introducing RoPA 2.0 🙂

In the new RoPA you can create additional processing activities.  E.g. If you have built an internal system where personal data is also processed, these processing activities should also be added to your RoPA - just like your vendors.

Or if you have a process, e.g. “Candidate application process” you can create that process.

You can create “additional processing activities” under each of your departments in RoPA by simply clicking “Add activity”.

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Task management

You can also easily access, review and complete pending RoPA tasks. Just look at the top of your RoPA page 🙂  

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If you need help with the tasks or your RoPA - just let us know.

You can at any time book a meeting with your dedicated Privacy manager here.