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Openli launches cookie consent solution

Written by Stine Mangor on .

A few months ago, we asked ourselves, why had no-one built a cookie solution that actually looks good, is compliant, and converts. It should be possible. So we decided to make one and were overwhelmed by the number of customers signing up to use our product before we launched. It was thrilling to be able to invite some early pre-launch sign-ups to start using our product, as was helping these customers collect more than 170.000 consents per day in the first few days.

The changes in privacy laws reflect a push from consumers and individuals for more control over their data and privacy protection. Our mission as individuals and a company is to support this change with our products. We want to help companies become better data citizens. At the same time, we understand the value and importance of data for companies.

Our vision was to build a product that would be of commercial use to our clients, ensure compliance, that looked good, and would keep conversions as high as possible. We have done this by ensuring the widget integrates visually with modern website design, and by making the language in the widget as easy to understand as possible.

There is a paradox in the design of many existing cookie solutions. Many collect bulk consents, with minimal information, and people don’t know what they are consenting to. They convert but are not compliant. On the other side of the spectrum, there are compliant cookie products, but they convert poorly, which is no good for the companies using them.

On top of this, there have been legislative changes, which has resulted in talk about cookies being broken or dead. Aside from third party cookies, with our product, cookies are still very much alive. Our cookie solution has been designed to encourage informed conversions, so you can compliantly track and gain the data you need.

So how does it work, well, we like to compare it to the way that an iPhone asks for permission to get access to your camera, microphone or location. This happens when you are in a situation where you need it, so you are very likely to say yes. Our widget is designed to collect staggered consent when it is required. This makes it easier for the website visitor to know and understand what they are saying yes to at a point in time where it also adds value to the user, resulting in higher conversion rates.

A compliant solution built together with businesses and leading law firms

Our cookie solution has been built in close partnership with law firms and businesses to make sure the product fits commercial and legal requirements. Like the rest of our compliance suite, we have worked with leading legal and privacy specialists, to make sure that our customers become compliant and stay compliant.

On top of this, we have tested the product on actual businesses, who have given us valuable input during the design phase regarding usability and the commercial value of the solution.

Sign up for our cookie consent solution

With Openli’s cookie consent solution, you get a cookie consent banner that blocks non-necessary cookies until the user gives consent. You also get an audit trail so you can document the consents (should users or authorities complain) and automatic scanning of your website.

First-class UI

We pride ourselves on delivering the best-looking cookie consent solution. We have designed the cookie solution to fit with modern website design so that it integrates better to your website.

We automatically scan your site for new cookies and block them in accordance with your preferences and the cookie consent given by your users. And we do it on a regular basis.

Developer-friendly and easy to implement

Our solution is easy to implement, and you get a script that you can add to your webpage. As easy as inserting any other modern widget on your site.

Full audit trail

Track and get a full overview of all consents that you collect. It also means that you have the necessary proof should a user or an authority complain. By the way, you can even combine your cookie consents with other consents collected via Openli when a user signs up or subscribes to a newsletter.

Compliant by default

Like our other products, our cookie solution is compliant by default. With our software, you become compliant and stay compliant.

We respect 'Do Not Track'

At Openli, we believe in respecting privacy, so we naturally support the Do Not Track flag. If a user turns this on in their browser, we automatically set only required cookies, and disable the others.

Wishing you all the best,

Stine, Niklas, and Søren


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