Marketing consent for Segment

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August 24, 2019

So what is Segment? Segment is a data integration platform that enables all your different marketing tools to be fully integrated and for data to flow seamlessly between them.

We are working on creating a deep integration to Segment that allows all marketing consents collected with our Marketing Consent product to be synced to Segment and for all relevant events tracked in Segment to be saved in your Audit Trail in Openli.

As a part of our process towards full integration, we have created a Custom Source integration that allows you to get an event fired in Segment when marketing consent is created or withdrawn. It will also add a trait to the user telling you if the user has given marketing consent or not.

To install the custom source you need to log in to Segment. Go into Sources and click “Add Source”, search for “custom source” and click Connect. You will have to agree to Segment's Beta Agreement as custom sources are still a beta product.

Installing Segment custom source

When you have created the source you have to add our custom source code that you can find here:

This code needs to be passed into Segment. Click “Write New Function”, and in the code field remove the existing code and paste in the code above. When our code is in there click “Save & Deploy”.

Installing Segment custom source

Now you need to add the webhook URL that Segment provides to your Openli account. Log in and go to Settings and find the Webhooks section. Click “Add Webhook” and paste in the webhook URL that Segment has provided you with. Select the consent_created event. Click “Save” and now all marketing consents will flow into Segment, both as a trait on the user and as events.