Cookie is a small strip of data that allows web browsers to gather information about users and use it to personalize their experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie (synonymous with HTTP cookie; Browser cookie; Internet cookie and Web Cookie) is data in a relatively small file that can be created, read and deleted. It is used to collect and store information about individual users. If you, as a user visit a website, information about what you have been browsing, looking at and interacting with is stored in the cookie file under identification assigned to you, when you enter the website again after a period of time, the system can recognize you and continue collecting data as before.

Types of Cookies

There are different types of cookies, the most commonly distinguished are first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

First-party cookies are created by a single website and collect data about how many people have visited the site, what they have clicked on and interacted with.

Third-party cookies are created by third-parties to track data about buying behaviours and demographic information across different websites. They also personalize your experience when browsing the internet. These are the cookies marketers use to find an audience who will identify with their products and advertisements.

Session cookies and permanent cookies can also be differentiated. Session cookies are deleted after you end your session as a user - in other words leave the browser. Permanent cookies, as indicated by the name, are stored for longer periods of time, on your computer’s hard drive, usually until the user deletes them.

Why are Cookies Important?

One of cookies’ job is keeping users logged in, furthermore, session cookies keep your items in the ‘shopping cart’ on e-commerce sites. Overall cookies make your web browser experience personalized, as well as the advertisement shown to you.

From a legal point of view, not everyone wants to allow permanent cookies describing their activities being stored, and it is each business responsibility to read cookies in accordance with their consent choices. If you are unsure about your business’s cookie solution, we would be happy to look into it and offer our help.