Cookie banner

A cookie banner is a pop-up window on websites that allows web visitors to either grant consent to use or refuse the use of cookies for collecting their data.

What is a cookie banner?

In the most basic terms, a cookie banner is the pop-up window of a website that allows the visitor to choose between agreeing and not allowing the website owner to collect and use their data. If a website uses cookies a cookie banner must be visible on the website upon arrival. Some websites start collecting customer data straight after the individual enters the website, however, data should not be collected before the visitor agrees with it.

Why is a Cookie Banner important?

Cookie banners are essential to offer website visitors the opportunity to choose the degree of consent they give to the website to collect, store and process data. Data privacy laws and regulations require all websites that use cookies to ask for explicit consent from the users and give the users the option to choose not to give consent. Cookie banners are important because they are often the first interaction the visitors have with the website, but rather than looking at the banner as something negative, consider the banner a statement of transparency. As an owner of a website you are giving your customers choices and making sure their privacy is protected.

How to have a GDPR compliant Cookie Banner?

Cookie banners are a relatively new feature on websites and it is no surprise the laws and regulations surrounding them are still changing. Keeping a GDPR compliant cookie banner can be complex and confusing. If you, as a business owner, are looking for a way to make your work easier and keep your customers happy, we would be thrilled to help you. With the Openli Cookie Banner you will not only always have a compliant banner but also a banner that resonates with the customers, shows transparency and honesty.