Cookie policy

A cookie policy is publicly available information about how a website collects, stores and uses the website user data.

What is a cookie policy?

As the owner of a website you are legally required to tell the website visitors and users if data about their activities is collected and stored and give the visitors an option to not have data about them collected. Cookie Policy is your public statement about how you collect data about your website’s users, which is available through cookies. Cookie policies of different websites may be quite similar and should always include information about how you collect data, which data you collect, for how long you store the data and, very importantly, what you use it for. Additionally, it is important to note that cookie policy can often be found within the privacy policy of a given website.

Why is Cookie Policy important?

First of all, non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, simply known as GDPR, can lead to astonishing fines. Marriott International has been fined £99 million and British Airways astonishing £183.39 milion for not complying with GDPR. And while these are extreme examples, they show how important privacy has become on the internet. But not only the International Commissioner's office cares, your customers do too. Collecting, storing and analysing data, whether it is merely for personalization or marketing purposes, is an agreement between you and your customers. You, yourself would not would not want to sign a document you have not read, correct? So why should your customers make uninformed decisions?

How to write your Cookie Policy?

Writing a Cookie policy sounds like a very complicated process, but it doesn not have to be. You can easily use our Cookie Policy generator to make sure you are on the right track. Cookie policies may change quite often these days and it is only an advantage to have legal power behind your policies. Our Team would be more than happy to guide your efforts in the right direction and make sure you do not miss anything.