Email marketing consent

Email marketing consent is the permission given by subscribers to receive marketing emails.

What is email marketing consent?

Consent from customers is necessary for using email marketing campaigns. Most countries now have established laws and regulations regarding sending out marketing emails. In the EU, it is the GDPR that discloses regulations surrounding email marketing. It states that it is allowed to send emails to subscribers that have given their consent.

A company can have other legal bases for sending out emails. However, for most companies, collecting consent is inevitable. Additionally, subscribers have the right to withdraw consent when they want. You can read more about this matter in the Key Figure of GDPR, under Email Marketing, and in suitable Articles of GDPR.

Why do you need email marketing consent?

If you want to work with email marketing, you need consent from individual subscribers because it is legally required from most businesses. It is one of the ways you can achieve GDPR compliance. Furthermore, not all subscribers appreciate a well-written marketing email. Your responsibility as a marketer is to make sure that people receiving your marketing emails are happy about it.

How to obtain and manage email marketing consent?

Obtaining email marketing consent, per GDPR, involves an affirmative act. Meaning the customers and subscribers must tick off a box or click a button to express their consent. Furthermore, the customer must understand what exactly they are consenting to.

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