Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a legal document provided by a company, that explains what personal data is collected from the customers, for what reason, and how the data is processed.

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a statement that describes how a company deals with the personal data of its customers and visitors. The main purpose of a privacy policy is to provide information to customers and website visitors about what happens with their data and why it is collected. Moreover, having a privacy policy is required by the law. It is a legal obligation that serves the individuals' rights (e.g. right to be informed). Overall, a privacy policy is designed to ensure customer privacy.

What should a Privacy Policy include?

Read our detailed guide on how to write your privacy policy here.

Any privacy policy should include:

  • Which information your company collects (personal, analytic, usage, etc.) from its customers
  • Cookie information
  • If text messages are transferred through a website how are they handled
  • Whether data is shared with third-parties
  • Where and for how long data is stored
  • Notification about any changes made to the privacy policy

You might be required to provide additional information depending on your business’s nature and the country you operate in.

Why is a Privacy Policy important for your business?

Several reasons exist why having a privacy policy is necessary.

First of all, it is a legal requirement to have a privacy policy for all businesses that collect customers' personal information.

Secondly, certain information about how your company handles data might be required by other businesses - suppliers, retailers, or business partners. Furthermore, it is important for your customers and allows you to be transparent about your activities, which is always a good way to build trust.

A privacy policy is a must-have and a well-written, truthful policy can make a positive difference for your business. Not only does it ensure you do not get fined, but it also builds a stronger relationship with your customers.

To generate a privacy policy that suits your business and is legally compliant visit our website.