Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are small text files created to track user’s movements and interactions on a web browser.

What are tracking cookies?

Tracking cookies are relatively small pieces of data that are created to collect information about the users movements and interactions on a browser. They are kept on the user's private computer, phone or tablet and are able to acquire information about where the user is, what sites he visited, even for how many seconds he looked at a certain picture.

Tracking cookies were initially created to keep users logged in where needed (e.g. keeping your chosen items in a shopping cart). Nowadays tracking cookies are very often used for marketing and advertising activities.

Why are tracking cookies a privacy concern?

Tracking cookies alone are not dangerous themselves, they merely store information. However, if you take into consideration that this small text file has the users entire browser history in it and can include saved passwords and credit card information, you might understand how it can cause harm in the wrong hands.

This is one of the reasons why they have become a privacy concern. Third party tracking cookies are not written by website owners, which means even website owners might not realise tracking cookies are present on their websites. As a business owner this can cause a lot of problems between you and your customers.

How can you find tracking cookies?

There is an easy way for your business to scan, categorize and delete tracking cookies from your website. And that is having a good cookie consent solution. This feature should not be underestimated as it is required by GDPR and ePrivacy Directives in the EU to obtain consent of users before using cookies.

But without being able to find third party cookies and delete the unwanted ones, you will not be able to collect the right consent form your customers. If you want to find out how you can scan, categorize and delete third party tracking cookies and collect the right type of consent check out our cookie consent solution.