The new SCCs - insight and best practices

The new SCCs - insight and best practices
The final deadline for the new SCCs is fast approaching. But how to best go about it?

What’s the best way to incorporate the new SCCs into your existing contracts and DPAs? 

What do you need to consider? And how to avoid having your vendors seize the opportunity to alter the DPA in their favour?

Join us for this panel discussion where Aušra Mažutavičienė (Head of Privacy at Trustpilot), Francesco Perrone (Head of Data Privacy & Compliance at Game Analytics), Niels-Peter Kjølbye (Attorney and Associate Partner at Donatzky & Partnere) and our own Stine Tornmark (CEO and co-founder of Openli) will discuss these questions and share their insights, reflections and best practices.

If the SCC deadline is a source of stress for you these days, this is an event you don’t want to miss.