Introducing Inspiring Legal

Welcome to Inspiring Legal, the brand-new podcast that covers everything in-house legal. Your host is Stine Mangor Tornmark, lawyer and CEO of Openli.


Welcome to inspiring legal, the podcast for inhouse legal. 

Get insights, learn from peers, life lessons from some of the most influential GCs. If it's related to inhouse legal, we cover it. For more inspiration, go to

Welcome to this very first episode of Inspiring Legal. Well, it's not even an episode, it's the intro. I just want to give you a little insight as to why you will hopefully find this podcast inspiring. We created it for inhouse legal and what we're doing is we're getting some of the most influential GCs to join. 

We have a lineup of people that will be sharing not only their life experiences, but their struggles, their pains, their wins, and their challenges that they've faced building some of the biggest legal teams or being part of some of the most fast growing companies in the world. They will come on the show on a regular basis.

They will come on the show on a regular basis. And what we'll do is, up to those episodes, we will get small topics and discuss them and then get them to give their insights on these topics. So stay tuned and hopefully get inspired by what people are doing in the legal community.

Thank you so much for listening to Inspiring Legal. Remember to subscribe and if you want more information, you can always go to