Property settings

You can organise and personalise your Privacy Hub through our property feature.

You can simply make and add new properties, which can further help you organize your vendor library.

  1. Once in the profile, navigate and click the ‘Property Settings’ button 
  2. Here you can create custom properties to fit your business. Once you have chosen the title, click add and it will create new option.
  3. You can then create Sub-properties to define your vendor further. These properties will attach to all vendors within your Privacy Hub.

Personalise your Privacy Hub through our property feature and Business Owners.

Once you have created customer properties you can immediately start using them to organize your vendors in the library by attaching them to specific vendors.

  1. Once you have created your properties. You can begin tagging them to your vendors. 
  2. With every tag, you have the ability to add a comment, or attach a file so the rest of your organisation can see any changes made.
  3. You can also assign a Business Owner to each vendor. This means that you can refine your vendors down to which employees in the platform are in charge of specific vendors. 

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