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Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data protection officer or DPO for short, is a designated employee in certain companies, who is in charge of collecting and processing information about data subjects according to privacy laws and regulations.

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Who is a DPO?

Data Protection Officer is a company position. It is important to note that DPO cannot have two conflicting roles within the company (e.g. she should not be a DPO and a controller at the same time).

Additionally a DPO should not be hired on a short or fixed contract and should not report directly to an immediate boss. The primary task of DPO can include making sure that data controllers, processors and even subjects are well informed about the collection and use of data, including laws and regulations. Furthermore, the task can include supporting the company, handling questions and complaints and naturally, ensuring legal compliance of the company.

Which companies must have a DPO?

A company based in the EU, has to appoint a Data Protection Officer if its activities include one or more of the following four:

  1. Its processing activities are carried out by a public authority
  2. The main activities of the controller and/or processor includes frequent systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale
  3. The main activities of the controller and/or processor consist of extensive processing of sensitive data.

Why is DPO important?

DPO is a great person to have around in the company as it is someone who knows what they are doing. But while not all companies can currently afford a DPO, nor do they need them. Your company can be legally compliant and make sure your customers have the right information. If you are wondering how is it possible check out our consent solution.

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