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GDPR information about all your vendors in one place

Extracting information from your vendors can take months. Keeping it up to date is a nightmare. Knowing and proving your vendors’ GDPR compliance is almost impossible to do without a big team or big budget. Why not leave all the work to us?

Compliance journey
Too Good To Go

Manage your vendors and make sure they are compliant

Save time and resources by finding information about your vendors' compliance efforts, uploading your existing documents and adding personalized comments all in the Privacy Hub.

All information in one place

Find and store all GDPR information about your vendors in our Privacy Hub.


Prove and document your vendors’ data security and GDPR compliance.

We collect the information for you

We ask your vendors for information, collect it and give access in your hub.

Watch a video demo of the Privacy Hub

Too Good To Go

The Privacy Hub is extremely easy to use, and it is comforting to have an easy and user-friendly access to updated information about our vendors' GDPR efforts.

Kasper Heine, Too Good To Go
Kasper Heine
General Council, Too Good To Go

Openli eases our way of staying compliant by providing an easy, transparent and proactive portal which allows us to track and push our vendors for necessary security and compliance documents.

Erlend Brekke, Contractbook
Erlend Brekke
Legal Counsel

We gather the information; you enjoy the benefits

Forget about searching online and emailing back and forth to extract information from your processors. We’ve built a vendor portal where you can find detailed information about your vendors’ GDPR compliance, data protection procedures, agreements and much more. And if we don’t know them, we’ll collect the information from them on your behalf.

  • Make quick assessments

    Use information from the Privacy Hub to make quick assessments of your vendors.

  • Detailed information - kept up to date

    Find detailed information about your vendors which is continuously updated every 6 months.

  • Ensure your GDPR compliance

    Make informed decisions and ensure your GDPR compliance. And be able to prove that you’re managing your processors in accordance with the GDPR.

Find everything, from statements to certificates and DPAs (and Schrems II)

Access information about your vendors, including the list of their sub-processors, data locations, security certificates, and impact statements. In the Privacy Hub, you will gain access to your vendors’:

  • List of subprocessors

    Access a list of your vendors’ sub-processors & keep track of your data.

  • Data transfers and impact statements (and Schrems II)

    See the legal basis for transferring data to your vendors outside the EU and read their data impact statements in the same place. And also what they have done in regards to Schrems II.

  • Certificates & Security

    Find which security certificates your vendors have, e.g SOC 2, ISO 27001, and what they have done with regards to security.

  • Evidence and audit trail

    Have proof and be able to provide evidence to the authorities about your vendors’ GDPR compliance, your DPAs etc. at any time. And get an audit trail about when the vendor’s information was last updated.

  • Data processing agreement & SCCs

    Find your processors’ data processing agreements, SCCs, BCR etc. You can also upload the ones you have signed with your processors.

Know with certainty that your vendor’s information is legitimate and proper

We work in collaboration with leading law firms to ensure our Privacy Hub retains a high standard.

  • Made with top law firms

    The Privacy Hub is made in collaboration with top laws firms in Denmark.

  • High information quality

    The information we collect is kept to a high standard.

Have the crucial knowledge for making decisions about your vendors

Article 28 of GDPR states it is your responsibility to ensure your vendors are GDPR compliant. Let us help you with getting the overview so you prioritize other essential activities of your business.

GDPR Art. 28

A data controller (your business) can only have partnerships with those vendors that provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate measures to ensure the protection of the data subject's rights.


“We are impressed by the extent of information in Openli's Vendor Portal. It is reassuring to have a complete overview of our vendors and their GDPR compliance efforts all in one place.”

Debbie Lee-Sørensen
Debbie Lee-Sørensen
Project Manager, Operations

Ensure that you and your vendors stay compliant

Openli’s compliance solutions are built and kept up to date in partnership with leading law firms around the world.