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Opt-in, a term primarily associated with email marketing, means to explicitly agree with receiving emails.

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What does Opt-in mean?

The term Opt-in refers to the action of stating a customer's agreement with receiving marketing focused emails. Opt-in is used primarily in Canada and European countries. In essence, opting-in means consenting to receive marketing emails.

Opting-in in Denmark

Similarly to many other European countries when it comes to email marketing the consent must be explicitly given - user’s have to Opt-in in order to receive marketing emails. Moreover, the option of withdrawing consent - Opting-out must be available at any time given as well.

How to ensure Opt-in options?

Acquiring consent sounds easy, but if you look under the surface it turns out it might be more difficult than you initially thought. Apart from giving customers the option, the opting-in must be recorded. If your business uses different channels they must all be compliant with the customer choices at all times.

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