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Opt-out is a term primarily associated with email marketing and refers to the withdrawal of previously given consent to receiving marketing emails.

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What does Opt-out mean?

Opt-out is an action that withdraws customer’s consent. It is used more widely in the U.S.A., because in the U.S.A. users and customers can receive emails without opting-in. In short, opting-out means withdrawing consent to receive marketing emails. The option of Opting-out should be available to all users at all times.

Opting-out in Denmark

Denmark, like many other EU countries, must ensure that customers can Opt-out - withdraw consent at any point in time. In addition, in Denmark customers have to Opt-in before a business starts sending them marketing emails. This is quite different from the U.S.A. laws.

How to ensure Opt-out options?

Giving customers consent to Opt-out might not sound difficult but when you consider that all Opt-ins and Opt-outs must be recorded, the process becomes more complex. Additionally, all your marketing channels and systems must be compliant with the customer choices.

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