Privacy Hub

Privacy Hub is an all-in-one platform where companies can find information about vendors and their vendors’ GDPR efforts.

What is the Privacy Compliance Hub ?

The Privacy Hub is a platform developed by Openli that allows businesses to effortlessly access information about their vendors’ GDPR compliance efforts. While the core information is available on the platform, individual companies can include personal notes and upload documents to adjust the information to their needs.

Why is the Privacy Hub important?

According to the GDPR, Article 28, it is the responsibility of each company to make sure their vendors are GDPR compliant. If you decide to work with a vendor who has not taken the necessary precautions to ensure GDPR compliance, the authorities can issue you a fine.

Therefore, assessing your vendors’ GDPR effort becomes a necessity to protect you from complaints and fines. Instead of looking for the information for days, you can easily find it in one place - the Privacy Hub.

Making GDPR assessments of processors and subprocessors can be fast and accurate, thanks to the information available in the Hub:

  • Full company details
  • Privacy Terms & policy
  • Subprocessors
  • DPAs, SCCs, Schrems II information
  • Vendor data protection procedures
  • Data location
  • Security certificates & the legal basis for data transferring,
  • Purpose of collecting personal data
  • Regular vendor updates every 6 months

In short, the Privacy Hub helps you make quick assessments, ensuring your information is updated, correct, and in one place. Furthermore, thanks to the Privacy Hub, you can document and prove your GDPR compliance at any time. And the best part is Openli does the work for you while you enjoy the benefits.

How can you become a part of the Privacy Hub?

Ensure your GDPR compliance and experience the Privacy Hub by yourself. It is simple and easy. You can either find more information on our website or directly book a demo.

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