Right to information

The right to be informed is one of the most important rights outlined in GDPR. The right ensures individuals have the right to be informed about the collecting, processing, and use of their data.

What is the right to information?

The right to be informed ensures the transparency of companies. You, as a marketer or a business owner, must make information available to your customers. The information provided has to clearly state for what purpose do you collect your customers’ data, which data do you specifically collect, when, and how do you process it. Further, if the data is being shared with or sold to third parties, additional information might be required. Ideally, all the information should be actively available on your website and, among others, include:

  • Company details (e.g. name and contact information)
  • The purpose of processing data
  • The lawful basis of data processing
  • The retention period
  • Details of transfers of data and information about the recipients
  • The right to Opt-out
  • Information about automated processing of data

Additionally, there are instances where the information does not have to be provided. These instances are, for example, when the individuals already possess the specific data, if the action would be impossible or if you are legally obliged to have the data. The full definition of the right to be informed can be found in GDPR and the suitable Articles.

Why is the right to Information important for businesses?

It is the right of all your customers and website users to have access to information. Hence, it is your legal obligation as a business or website owner to provide the information about your business and how, why, and for what do you collect personal data of individuals.

Having all required information available in a transparent and clear form is not an easy task. Fortunately, with Openli, you can make sure your customers and authorities are satisfied. Find out more about solutions to GDPR compliance on our website.

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