CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act. It ensures California residents have more power and knowledge about the use of their personal data.

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act, CCPA for short, focuses on enhancing data protection of California residents. It targets four general rights of the residents.

The first is the ‘right to know’, which gives the residents the right to request and receive information about their personal data from business, whose services they have used. This includes information about what data has been collected, processed or sold and for what reasons.

The second is the ‘right to delete’, which ensures any resident can request business to delete data collected about them.

The third is the ‘right to opt-out’, that means residents can request form businesses, that their personal data will no longer be sold.

And the fourth is the ‘right to non-discrimination’. The fourth right ensures business cannot deny offering the residents certain products or services or charging them different sums for existing products or services.

How to become CCPA Compliant?

As a business that wants to be CCPA compliant you would have to make sure all rights of the CCPA are enforced on your web services. This includes:

  1. Offering a website form and/or email where California residents can request information about their personal data and its use.
  2. Offering a website form and/or email where California residents can request the deletion of previously collected data about them.
  3. Providing a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on the website if the company sells personal information of customers.
  4. On the website provide ‘notice at collection’ - freely available information about what data is collected and for what use and purpose. It must also be linked to Privacy Policy.

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